A Closer Look At Betting Strategies

This time around, it is all about identifying wagering strategies that will work. Not by winning big with one perfect bet. That’s pretty much like hoping you will win the next Powerball Lotto jackpot. Sure, it does happen, most times there is a winner. But still, hopefully it is crystal clear to you by this point, that is not such a good game plan.

With that in mind, following is a closer look at two strategies that actually do work over time. The only thing to note is that these strategies accomplish their goals by minimizing the losses. Which only makes sense if you think about it even a little bit. After all, if you are out of the game after your first or second bet, well then you are out of the game, period. At least if you can play your wallet the right way to stay in the game long enough, you may well find that you can get in on that holy grail of a winning streak. With that in mind, take a look at the two strategies detailed below.

First is the strategy of what is referred to as fixed betting. Sure it sounds boring. Sure, it is old school. But sometimes things are old school because they actually have a bit of truth. In this case, fixed betting works for the simple reason that it is so simple. Since you only ever allow yourself to wager fixed amounts, your gains, although they may look incremental at first glance, they do start to add up over time.

The next strategy you want to make sure you understand is that of proportional betting. Proportional betting is exactly what it sounds like. Each and every time it is your turn to place a wager on the table, you only ever lay down a proportion of your bankroll (which you have decided on long before the beginning of the game). There are various formulas and techniques for deciphering what this proportion should be. That will be looked at a another time. Suffice it to say that proportional betting works to slowly but surely move you ahead.

Did you spot the commonality in the two systems described above? If you said that both keep you in the game and let you slowly move ahead, congratulations. Move straight to the head of the class. You got it. The real point, the bottom line if you will is that whatever betting strategy you decide to use, make sure that it keeps you in the game. Never lose sight of the fact that sports betting or other wagering success is a long term game.

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