A Different Sort of Sports Betting

With all of the attention as of late on daily fantasy sports betting and that sort of thing it is quite easy to lose track of other exciting sports betting options that are out there. One such sports betting opportunity you may well want to look at a bit closer is that of auto racing.

The fact of the matter is that auto racing and placing wagers on auto racing events has by many measures, exploded in popularity over the last few years or so. Moreover, you should know that the new found popularity of wager on auto racing events shows no signs of slowing down. With that in mind, how about a quick review of the basics of sports betting as it relates to auto racing?

The first point you will want to make sure you get is the structure of wagering on auto racing. You see, placing a wager on any sort of auto racing event can be compared to wagering on golf events. That means that the most fundamental, the most basic sports bet on any auto racing event is that of placing a wager on your choice of the winner. If you head over to your favorite online sports book you will see that for any auto racing event, there is a list of the individual drivers (typically 20 or more) along with a field option all at various odds.

In addition, most sports betting sites that offer sports bets for auto racing events also provide matchup propositions. That means that two or more of the drivers at the auto racing event are paired against each other in a head to head wager. The sports book will set a betting line on each of the drivers. Naturally, the driver who delivers the best finish wins the matchup. Of course both of the drivers must start the auto racing event for action.

Finally, you will also find that a number of the larger sports betting sites out there offer some unusual auto racing proposition bets. These auto racing event proposition bets can include any or all of the following: over / under on the number of caution flags thrown in the race, the name of the auto manufacturer that ends up the winner, and more.

As you can see from the above, auto racing events are another opportunity available for you. Now you have seen an overview of the auto racing event sports betting options, you may want to try this out for yourself.

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