A Different Take On Sports Betting Strategy

By this point in time you may feel that you are up to speed on the latest and greatest tips and techniques with regards to sports betting strategies. And that may very well be true. Yet that being said, it may well be worth your time to take a good look at the remainder of this article. After all, if you have been in and around the sports betting world for any length of time at all you already know that most often all it really takes to come out ahead is but a slight edge.

With that in mind, take a look at today’s sports betting wisdom. This one is all about timing. Of course, you just like everyone else who is looking to place a sports wager is all about getting into the market so to speak, at the optimal time. That is to say when the odds and the payouts are perfectly positioned to best match your particular sports betting strategy.

Take a look of the most common scenario that shows up in the sports betting world. Suppose, just suppose for a moment that you happen to sit down at the bar with an investment banker sort of guy or gal. Having enjoyed one or more adult beverages, this feeling good investment banker offers you an option to invest half of whatever you happen to have in your wallet. The odds are such that there is about a 40% to 45% chance of losing it all.

Here’s the thing. Most would shake their head in disgust and just walk away. But hold on there. If that is your reaction you missed the entire point of the story. See that is exactly why Las Vegas is filled with glittering skyscrapers as far as the eye can see. Huh?

Look, the answer was right there in the first part of the story. The setup was that you were only risking half of your capital for a better than even chance of winning. The point of this is to illustrate that there was a real and viable opportunity to profit from a wager that was not taken advantage of. The secondary point of this illustration is that it was not the entire bankroll that was wagered. Not at all.

So what does this have to do with timing? Just like the illustration above, there is a point when the odds are more in your favor to come out ahead than others. If you place your sports bet then and practice smart bankroll management, the odds are truly in your favor.

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