A Look At Poker Starting Hands

While most everyone would love to discover the best poker strategy for starting hands, you can readily understand that there is no one best answer. After all, poker can be and often is a dynamic game of almost constant changes. The dynamic changes means you must be prepared to adjust your gameplay in response to the actions (or lack therof) of your current poker opponents. Nevertheless, there are some general guidelines that you can use at your next poker match.

One easy to understand poker starting hand guideline shows up when you find yourself with a hand you are certain you will want to play out and the action has just been folded to you. What now? Do you call? Do you raise? Or something else entirely? Answer: if the hand you are staring at is good enough to call, then that also means that is good enough to raise. Generally speaking, when you find yourself in this position, you should raise. Why raise at this early point in the game?

Consider the advantages that come your way when you come out with a raise. For one, a raise on your part clearly prevents your opponents from forcing a weak hand on you. Your raise also forces the other player to ante up into the pot pre-flop. See how that works in your favorite right from the get go?

On the other hand, at this point you may find yourself wondering about what to do if you are in a different position, if there is a raise in front of you. Now what? Obviously if there is a raise in front of you, you will need a hand better than theirs to continue the gameplay. One strategy you can bring to bear at this point is to consider the current gameplay.

Can you get a sense of the strategy of the player that just initiated the raise? Keep in mind that you will be hard pressed make any money by calling with hands like AJ or KQ against stronger hands. In that case, you are clearly better off folding. One tip that you might want to use is that of setting a rule of sorts for yourself that says you need to win 20 times the amount you need to call the set. This takes into account that at times your opponent wil hit a set instead of you.

Bottom line: there is a lot more to poker starting strategy than you might have first considered. To get the most out of your poker play, take a little bit of extra time to understand the nuances of the starting hand.

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