A Look At The Differences With Online Poker Play

Yes, it may seem to be blindingly obvious when you consider the idea that online poker play is not the same as live in person poker play. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you since you understand the concept that online poker is a different sort of poker game that is where it stops. Nope, not at all. In fact, the online poker players that come out ahead of the game more often than not have a keen understanding of online poker play and make use of that understanding as a key component of their strategy. With that in mind, how about a closer look at these so-called poker play differences.

Start with a situation you have most likely encountered at least a few times in your forays into the world of online poker. This situation is the undeniable and hard to miss fact that online pokers behave much differently online than they would in person. That is to say, more often than not, the online poker players you encounter online will tend to be more aggressive. The poker player that would tend to be more shy and conservative in a live poker game can be and often is bluffing and check raising at every opportunity. As a result, you can readily understand that to counter this or to even survive in the world of online poker you will need to be much more focused on your trapping.

Another facet of online poker play that is different is the speed of game play. Since the reality is that with online poker, the player can realistically see many more hands per hour and can even play multiple poker tables at the same time this results in the online poker player being much more selective about the hands they choose to play.

Interestingly, one consequence of this sort of thing can be seen in the folding of hands. You must have seen this one for yourself on more than one occasion. If more than a few poker players end up folding you can rest assuredly this will trigger what looks to be a snowball effect with greater numbers of players in that game following along and also folding. That being smart, the savvy online poker plays knows that this sort of thing creates greater opportunity for winning by stealing blinds and antes.

So what does all of this mean at the end of the day? Bottom line: take the time to understand that online poker players play fewer hands all the way through and that these same poker players tend to be much more aggressive.

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