A Look At The Number One SportsBook

Naturally, to make a bold claim as being the number one sportsbook is to say a lot. Of course the next most obvious question discerning sports betting fans typically ask is something to the effect of “is this true?” It turns out that in this case, the claim of being number one for the sportsbook being discussed today has a lot of evidence that certainly points in that direction. How about a closer look?

First up, the sportsbook being discussed here is none other than the famous or infamous depending on your perspective name of Bovada Sportsbook. Yes, that Bovada Sportsbook. The sportsbook that ran into some issues a few years back when they were operating under the name Bodog in the United States. However, what you will want to know is that Bovada Sportsbook is in many ways a new and improved version. So much so that the number one sports betting site keeps getting thrown at Bovada Sportsbook.

Anyway here are some of the pluses now associated with Bovada Sportsbook. The bonuses are significantly better than before. These bonuses show up as 100% in the online poker room, 100% in the online casino rooms and 50% FREE sports wager in the online sportsbook section.

In terms of sports betting action, you will certain not have to look far to see that that are ample opportunities to place a sports bet on just about any sport out there. Best of all, Bovada Sportsbook has established somewhat of a reputation for offering fair odds. Moreover, Bovada Sportsbook makes available all of the point spread, moneyline, and over and under lines that sports betting fans desire. There’s more. Nowadays Bovada Sportsbook also makes available both future bets as well as proposition bets.

One feature that quite a number of the sports betting fans that rave about Bovada Sportsbook is the research center. The research center at Bovada Sportsbook offers Free matchup statistics, trends as well as other statistical analysis tools. In other words, there are a lot of tools right there at Bovada Sportsbook specially engineered so you can make the most informed sports wager possible.

Finally, one new feature found at Bovada Sportsbook you will certainly appreciate is that as of today, the Bovada Sportsbook sites is designed to perform perfectly no matter what device you happen to be using at the moment.

You can see from the above that Bovada Sportsbook has a lot of features that all combined offer a sports betting platform that is the number one choice of numerous sports betting fans from all over.

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