A Quick Overview Of Open-Face Chinese Poker

Have you encountered this version of poker yet? If not, chances are you will sometime in the near future. Following is a quick overview of Open-Face Chinese Poker.

First, note that although it is certainly true that Open-Face Chinese Poker actually evolved from traditional closed face Chinese poker, it is not necessary to know those rules or strategies to get a handle on Open-Face Chinese Poker.

As in many other variations of poker, the Open-Face Chinese Poker game begins with each and every player successively drawing cards from the deck. But here is where Open-Face Chinese Poker is different. As you probably know, in other games of poker, there are wagers placed on each round of play. As far as Open-Face Chinese Poker goes, not so much.

Instead, when playing Open-Face Chinese Poker, the players agree to play “per point”. All that means is that the game is scored in total points much as the gameplay with traditional card games such as gin rummy or hearts. You still following along? Good.

So as the gameplay progresses, each player will end up with a total of 13 cards. These cards are then arranged into three hands. These three hands are referred to as “top”, “middle” and “bottom” respectively. Next, the players compare their three hands with those of the other players. In other words, player ‘A’ would compare his “top” hand to the top hands of players ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’. Each player wins or loses points compared to the other players.

Finally, the three hands are scored and then compared just as in regular poker hands. You see, the bottom and middle hands are regular 5 card hands whereas the top hand is only 3 cards. Thus the best possible score the for the “top” hand would be three of a kind. Still with us here? Yeah, it may look complicated when you see it in print, but the truth of the matter is that Open-Face Chinese Poker is a very simple and easy to understand variation of poker.

Now that being said, there is one last point to understand. Since Open-Face Chinese Poker players each need 13 cards, you can readily see that the maximum number of players is limited to four. For the record, more often than not, Open-Face Chinese Poker is actually played with only two players.

Bottom line is this: Open-Face Chinese Poker is another variation of poker that you would do well to get a handle on.

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