About In-Play Betting

In-Play Betting basically allows you to place one or more bets on certain events, but while the event is actually taking place. This means that if you are running late or if you forgot to place a bet before the start of the event, you haven't missed out and you can still gamble on that same event thanks to this convenient service/feature. Some sportsbooks called this 'Live Betting' or 'Bet in Running', but it is more commonly referred to as 'In Play Betting'.

Almost every major online sportsbook (online bookmaker) provides in-play betting services and for each event that becomes available via this service, there are usually plenty of individual in-play markets available. Not all events are available via this in-play betting service, so you would need to check the in-play schedule early just to see if your preferred event will be available for in-play betting.

This schedule is generally quit easy to find. Normally along the top of the homepage is a list of products where you should be able to find the 'In-Play' betting button. Click on this button to be redirected to a list of live in-play events as well as for a complete list of the upcoming in-play events. You should be able to find various different sports that you can place in-play bets on.

For example, Betfred provides numerous in-play markets for different football events, as well as for tennis events, cricket, golf, snooker and several other sporting events. The types of events available will all depend on which day you visit the site and also at which time of the year/day you are actually trying to place a bet.

For example, you cannot place an in-play bet on the English Premier League in June because there are no English Premier League games being played, or you couldn't visit an in-play betting site at 03:30 (GMT) during the actual football season and place a bet at this time of the day because there would be no live games being played. This is why it's always important to check the upcoming schedule of events.

The odds will frequently change throughout the event, to correspond with the action that is taking place, so you generally have to be fairly quick and also quite strategic when placing in-play bets. Sometimes you may not even be able to place a bet in time because the operator is likely to have suspended the betting at certain key moments, which is otherwise known as the markets being frozen, but this will only be for a short period of time.

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