About Those Betting Rounds In Poker

Texas Hold’em betting rounds to be exact. As you probably know by now, the fact of the matter is that the game of Texas Hold’em is without question the most popular form of poker played today. Whether the new found popularity with Texas Hold’em is due to the mega televised poker tournaments or that quite a number of online casinos out there proudly offer up all varieties of poker play is anybody’s guess. But for whatever reason or perhaps no reason at all, the game of Texas Hold’em is the game to know and understand.

With that in mind, you owe it to yourself to fully understand the concept of betting rounds in your poker play. Here’s how this shows up in the game. Once the Texas Hold’em players in the blind position put their blinds into the pot, the dealer steps in and deals two cards to each and every player sitting around the table. For the record, these cards are officially referred to as hole cards.

With those two hole cards safely in hand, the player now has a decision to make. That is, the player must choose to call, raise or fold. Note that at this phase of the game the player cannot check and still hold onto his/her hand. Also pay attention to the fact that there is a minimum bet that based on the size of the small blind.

From there, the Texas Hold’em gameplay progresses to the second round. Note that you may hear this round being referred to as the flop round. At this point, there are three cards dealt face-up on the the board. Remember these three community cards are available to all of the player in the game. This time around, the players can check, bet or fold.

Next up is the third round or turn. After the bets are complete in round two, the turn is dealt face-up on the board. As you probably know, this turn is also a community card available to all players. This time the betting continues in much the same manner as above with the very important difference that now the minimum bet is double the former lower limit wager amounts.

From there, the game transitions to the fourth round which is also called the River. This time, the ‘river’ is also dealt face-up on the board. This River card is in fact the last community card to be dealt. Last up is the final showdown to determine the actual winner of this round of Texas Hold’em.

There you go, a quick breakdown of the betting rounds in Texas Hold’em.

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