Arcane But Profitable Video Poker Tip

You undoubtedly have heard at least a little bit about video poker. Even today, decades after its introduction to the casino world in the 1970s, video poker continues to be an extremely popular choice for online casino player around the world. With that in mind, it is most likely well worth your time to understand a bit more about the game.

Have you encountered the term Double Bonus Poker yet? If not, you will for the simple reason that this version of video poker is notorious for its volatility. In this case, the volatility refers to the roller coaster ride you will experience as your bankroll swings wildly first one way and then the other.

How does it work? Double Bonus Poker on the surface looks like a great thing to get into. Here’s why: there is an extra bonus payoff that is triggered when you can get with four of a kind accompanied by a special fifth card. This fifth card is termed a kicker card and it happens to be in the same hand as your four of a kind.

Oh, before we move on, here is a bit of trivia for you die hard poker fans: double bonus poker was the first video poker game ever to implement these so called “kicker” cards (mentioned above). The short version of this is that the kicker card doubles your winnings as long as it shows up in your four of a kind as just outlined above.

Let's take a look at a real world example. So for a five coin bet, you’ll get 800 coins for four aces, 400 coins for four 2s, 3s, or 4s. Plus you still get 250 coins for four 5s through kings. As you can see, the kicker doubles your payout.

What’s the catch you might be asking? The other side of this equation turns out to be the return on two pairs. In this case, you get back the money you wagered, but no more. Look at another example. Suppose you bet the same five coins as in the example above. This time, you end up with two pairs. Whatever you wagered is returned to you, that’s it. Game over, try again.

Bottom line is this: in the video poker world, a double bonus poker needs to be looked at closely before you go hog wild with your betting and card play.

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