Beware This Poker Trap

Certainly by now you are well acquainted with the fact that Poker can be quite challenging at times. Yet, as challenging as Poker can be, there is a very real trap that is extremely easy to fall into. This is the trap of actually over thinking.

That’s right. You see, there is actually a bit of science that explains how this comes about. The term used by neuroscientists is ‘Decision Fatigue’. Decision Fatigue is pretty much what it sounds like. Each and every decision you find yourself having to make extracts a small bit of your energy.

Take a look at how this plays out. So you wake up in the morning. “Do I wear the khaki pants and the polo shirt or the black pants and the pull over shirt?” Do I make a coffee now or do I grab one on the way to the office? It turns out that you are actually making hundreds if not thousands of these little decisions each and every day. But, here is the point. At the end of the day you may find yourself exhausted just from all those little decisions that you hardly noticed you were making.

And this relates to Poker Play how? Now take the example above and bring it to your next round of poker play. Especially if you find yourself in the position of needing to make a relatively large decision where there could be a sizable sum of money at stake. Do you already get the point that towards the middle of the game you may feel drained and ready to just take a nap? It’s because of all those poker play decisions you have made up to this point in the game.

So is there a workaround for this sort of thing? Actually, yes there is a solution that you can see the top level poker players using pretty much all of the time. The answer is to for everything you can, for lack of a better term, ‘automate’ your poker play.

What does automate mean in this case? Think of it this way: suppose you are a beginning poker player. If you have a starting hand chart for every position, at least those early preflop decisions won’t be siphoning your energy away. Then as your experience and skill continues to grow and mature, you can turn more and more of your play decisions into automatic actions.

See how that works? Watch what the pros do consistently game after game. Once you are comfortable with this strategy you may find yourself amazed at how much faster your skill level grows.

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