Can You Beat The 800 Pound Gorilla?

The Gorilla in this case just so happens to be another term used in and around the sports betting world to refer to the sportsbooks. Why the term? Size, no less. And such a size, that when you truly get a grasp of the real magnititude, you find yourself nodding your head and muttering hmmm to yourself. Are you ready for this?

What if you learned that the Sportsbook industry is so large that it dwarfs its nearest competitors? Consider, sportsbooks make make more money than the movie industry, the music industry and even theme parks and professional sporting events combined. Yes, you read that correctly. More than all of those others, combined! Now you understand why those in the know refer to Sportbooks as the 800 pound gorilla.

Which brings up the next most obvious question?. Does the average person placing a sports bet stand a chance? Well, truth be told, the real answer is that it depends. Look at this another way. First, consider the average person who just wants to place a wager on the home team. Does this person stand a chance against the Gorilla? Not so much. Sure this sports bettor may win a little or lose a little.

But, keep in mind that the sports book plays both sides of the bet. In other words, sports bet A versus sports B (if there were only 2 people betting). It doesn’t really even matter which one ended up as a winner. The sportsbook pays the winner and keeps the difference. Obviously, that is a simplified example, but you get the point.

Now, look to the other type of person who approaches sports betting as more of a professional activity. Does this person stand a chance? Actually, yes, and even more so than the one who wagered above. You see, professional sports bettors can and do make substantial sums of money by only ever betting solid plays. These are bets that the bettor has taken the time to get to know on an intimate basis. Only when the bet makes sense according to the criteria this bettor uses, will he/she make a sports bet. Also, the professional is perfectly willing to sit out a game or two. If there is no bet that makes sense, there will be no bet placed.

Conclusion: yes, you can beat the 800 pound sports betting Gorilla. Yet, this will only ever happen if you take the time to do what the pros do with their sports bets.

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