Can You Win More With A Staking System?

Yes. No. Maybe. As in all things gambling and betting related there is no one size fits all answer. Yes, everyone wants to push the EASY button, to find that one strategy, that one technique that will win most of the time. Uh no, it doesn’t work that way, at least not here in the real world.

That being said, knowing a bit about staking systems may in fact help you make smarter bets which over time could turn out to be more profitable than not. First, start with a good working definition: what does staking system mean anyway?

So as not to confuse anybody here, stake is just another word used for the amount of money you pull out of your wallet to make a bet. That amount is your “stake”. So in this case, it’s about the system you use to figure out how much the first bet, the second bet and so on should be. That’s what these so-called staking systems are all about.

Now that is out of the way, are there staking systems that work more often than not? Keep in mind that the smart bettor understands that success in gambling is all about the long term. It is never about the outcome of the single game, it is only ever about how you and your wallet are performing over the long term.

First take a look at some common staking plans. There is the Bet everything every time staking plan. Advantage: if you win, you win big. Disadvantage: if you lose, the game is over. Conclusion: Not so good.

Another common staking plan you will encounter is called the fixed wager system. Under this strategy you place the same amount for each and every bet. This strategy has the advantage of dramatically lowering your chance of going completely broke. On the other hand, your wins will be less dramatic.

Yet another strategy that was popular some years ago is referred to as the Martingale. This staking strategy is based on doubling down on your loses. The theory is that you will cover your losses with the next bet’s winnings. Sadly this strategy is most likely to break your bank than anything else.

One staking strategy that can work in your favor is proportional betting. Proportional betting works by only wagering a portion of your existing bankroll based on your odds of winning. Obviously to use this strategy effectively you need to have a way to figure out your odds.

Of the strategies discussed above, there are only two that can work consistently to keep your bankroll intact. These are the fixed betting and the proportional betting systems. Bottom line is this: there are staking systems that you can use to increase your win rate over time. Take a look at the staking systems discussed here and see if you can put them to use.

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