Card Play Wisdom You May Not Have Seen Anywhere Else

You can be excused for thinking that you have seen it all before. If you have been in and around poker games or other enticing card games such as BlackJack it is quite natural to be of the opinion that there is nothing new under the sun so to speak. Unless there is.

In this, there are a couple of card playing variants you will want to take the time to understand. In this case, these variations show up in some relatively new forms of BlackJack that seem to be showing up in increasing numbers of venues.

First, review the typical gameplay with a round of BlackJack. More specifically, what happens when you land a soft 21? That is, your three cards show a solid 21. Why would you even consider splitting this soft 21? If you are any sort of BlackJack player at all, your answer is most likely that you wouldn’t. Fair enough.

But now take a look at two variations that have rules in place where a two card twenty-one that is NOT a BlackJack. These games are named BlackJack Switch and Zappit BlackJack. With these BlackJack card game variations, the fact is that you will want to consider a new strategy.

The question then becomes whether or not you should double down on a soft 21? Interestingly, this question is very similar to the oft asked question of whether or not you should ever split two 10s with traditional BlackJack. The answer may in fact come as somewhat of a surprise to you.

If you pull out your trusty calculator app on your Smartphone and take the time to crunch some numbers, here is what you will find. At the precise moment you make the decision to double down on the three cards you are looking at that total 21, your 21 is now an 11. Just as if you were running the numbers on a pair of 10s, you need to factor this into your calculation.

Spoiler Alert: even against a card such as a 6, doubling down on a 21 is not a good idea by any stretch of the imagination. In terms of probabilities, the expected value of holding on to your 21 works out to about 1.8. Contrast that with the expected value when you double down on the soft 21 which is a mere 1.37. Rather significant difference, wouldn’t you agree?

Bottom line: don’t do it. With either traditional BlackJack or even the newer variations, it does not pay to double down on a soft 21.

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