Clever New Sports Betting Tool You Should Know About

As you must have noticed over the past year or so, the world of online gambling has taken a hard to ignore shift towards the mobile platform. This makes perfect sense since the reality is that virtually no one wants to be chained to a desktop computer for their online gambling or online sports betting activity.

That being said, you most likely also recognize that there is an ongoing debate in the mobile online community regarding mobile friendly websites versus specially engineered mobile apps. While that debate rages on, you owe it to yourself if you engage in any sort of sports betting activity at all to take a closer look at a new sports betting app that only just recently became available.

Yes, it is certainly true that there are dozens, if not hundreds of sports betting apps out there. On top of that, there are the too many to count sports betting sites that are supposedly mobile friendly that also promise you the latest and the greatest. So with all of that in mind, is there something special and unique about yet another sports betting app that just hit the market?

Actually there is. Start with the name behind this sports betting app, none other than the world famous live tournament money earner Roberto Romanello. It turns out that as successful as Roberto was with his poker play, he soon grew tired of that lifestyle and thus he changed direction so to speak and began to focus on creating a business from home. That desire eventually led to the creation of Betclever.

Note that Roberto took the time and effort to make sure that the sportsbooks bought into the Betclever app. Note that the overwhelming response to the Betclever was positive. Most, if not all of the bookmakers were noticeably impressed with the speed and the hard to ignore sleekness of the app.

It is important to understand that for the Betclever to function as smoothly and efficiently as desired, the design team decided that only the 10 best sportsbooks would be available. That number was deliberately chosen as it is sufficiently large to give sports betting fans the best price options while at the same time since the 10 sports books that made the list are larger sized sports books. That means the sports betting fan using Betclever need have no concerns about security or that sort of thing.

As of this writing, Betclever is scheduled for release in the very near future. Stay tuned as all signs point to Betclever as a new tool in the sports betting world.

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