Conditional Betting For the Sports Bettor?

Absolutely! If you are not familiar with a special type of sports betting that lets you increase your betting power while at the same time lowering your real world risk, you are in for a treat. Not only that, this very same type of sports bet lets you make more than a single bet, even if you don’t yet have the funds for any more wagers.

What’s this magic sports bet called? In official sports betting lingo, this magic tool is referred to as an “If- Bet”. This If Bet is a pretty powerful tool once you know how it works.

First, understand the fundamental nature of an If Bet. This sports bet increases your betting power while lowering your real risk by placing multiple bets on a single wagering ticket. Get this: each individual bet after the first bet will only proceed if the preceding bet actually won. This limits your possible losses for the simple reason that once the winning stops, your betting stops. Another way to say this is, that the real money amount of your sports wager is limited to the risk of the first bet.

If you are following along, the next thing you want to take note of is that there are really two main types of If Bets.

The first is called an If Win. Just like it sounds, the If Win bet pays out based on subsequent wins. As the bettor, you choose the order of the sequence. Then, each following bet is only ever placed if the preceding bet wins. In other words, you are playing along (betting) with money you have just won. If any of the subsequent bets loses, ties are considered as no action. Then all of the following bets are also considered no action.

The second type of If Bet is named an If Action. With the If Action bet,you once again choose the order of each bet in the sequence. Each of the following bets are placed if the previous bet was won, considered no action or ends up as a tie. On the other side, if any bet in your sequence loses, all subsequent bets are deemed to be no actions.

Although it may look to be a bit complicated, the If Bet, whether its an If Win or an If Action bet puts more power in your hands.

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