Confused On Futures Bets?

Relax, its not such a big deal once you see it out in front of you. Yet the reality is that quite a few online sports betting fans mix up futures bets and proposition bets, using these terms interchangeably when in fact they refer to different situations.

Futures bets can be found in almost every sport you can think of. A futures bet is at it’s heart a wager made before the season ends. Actually, the typical futures bet is often made before even the first game is played. Yet it doesn’t stop there. A futures bet can be made throughout the playing season. Here’s the thing to keep in mind: the earlier you get in the more likely it is that the odds will in fact change as the season progresses. However, you are stuck with whatever odds were available at the time you placed your futures bet.

On the other hand, a propositions bet is a wager made either for or against a specific occurrence of a defined event during a game. For example, laying down a wager on which of the teams in a sports match will score first is a proposition bet. Can you see how these terms can get intermingled and misused?

Look at it from another perspective, the view that examines the payouts. In both cases, you want to know when and how the payout shows up. So for a futures wager, there will no payouts at all until the conclusion of the entire season. On the other hand, with a propositions bet, you could easily walk away a winner once the wagered upon outcome has happened as in the example above.

What happens in the off chance there turns out to be a tie at the end of the sports match, what then? In the case of a tie (or dead heat as it is referred to in some circles), the stakes are simply divided amongst the number of selections that end up as a tie. The divided stake is then settled against the full odds with any remaining stake funds being forfeited. Of course, you can see this only applies to futures bets.

As you can see futures bets and propositions bets sound the same but they really aren’t. These two sports wagering options just give you more sports betting tools in your toolbox to maximize your wins.

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