Considering Bowl Betting?

And why not. After all, tis the season as it were. Yet, before you dip your toes into the world of collegiate football bowl games, you can do you and your wallet a favor with a little bit of forethought. You see, while it is certainly true that there are in fact some similarities between handicapping regular season contests, there are other factors that need to be factored in. Let’s take a look.

Arguably one of the most important factors to consider is how the conferences stack up. That is to say, how does each conference far in non-conference games. It goes without saying that the reality is that some conferences are fairly weak.

How does this show up? You can see this in cases where a team comes from a conference looking better on paper than it really is in practice. Here’s an example so you can get the point right away. Go back to the year 2007. If you recall, the Big East Conference fared extraordinarily well, going 16-6 against the point spread in non-conference games. Plus, there was a 7-3 in games playing against teams playing in a bowl game.

Yet on the other side of the equation, Conference USA was a mere 4-7 against the point spread against non-conference teams which included a 4-7 record against bowl teams. You see how this plays out now?

Another factor you want to take a look at in bowl game wagering is the so-called emotional factors. Consider that some teams are just thrilled to even be playing in a bowl game period. In other words, just making the bowl game roster was the end goal or primary objective of the season. Win or lose, the psychology works out so that the bowl game is actually a secondary concern. Naturally, this is not a good team to be placing a strong wager upon.

A related emotional factor is the perception of the bowl game itself by the team. For example suppose a team had high hopes of playing for a national championship at the beginning of the season. Now the end of the season is here and this same team finds themselves playing in what they perceive as a second-tier bowl game. Do you suppose this team is going to go the distance to win? Maybe, maybe not, but it should most definitely be a factor you take into account before you place a bowl game bet.

As you can see, betting on bowl games means understanding the differences in these games compared to traditional games.

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