Contrary View Sports Betting?

Contrary View sports betting, what is that all about? Technically, this sports betting strategy is more commonly referred to as Reverse Line Movement. In short, reverse line movement is a sports betting strategy that deliberately focuses on placing wagers that contradict public betting percentages.

Huh? Take a look at the following example and it will all make sense for you. For this example, lets use Team A and Team B and the numbers on the Board show A-14 and B +14. Suppose you chance upon some sports betting data that you know and trust that shows that 80% of the spread bets are being placed on Team A.

More importantly, at least for this example you also quickly note that the line moves against Team B. That is to say that the current line you are now looking at has moved to Team A at +13 and Team B at -13.

So what? This is your opportunity. You see, this sort of thing is a clear sign that the so-called “smart money” or larger sized wagers placed either by individuals or betting syndicates has come in on Team A. This triggers the reverse line movement discussed above.

Now what? Now, you drop what you are doing, you pick up the phone or flip open your iPad and find a sportsbook offer Team A at +14 and go to it with your own sports bet against the line. You see how that works now?

Here is what is really going on with the reverse line movement above. Understand that each and every sportsbook has to post some sort of number at the opening. Not surprisingly, these numbers can and do change as the various sports wagers come in.

However, the scenario that makes the reverse line movement wager possible shows up when large or outsized wagers show up on one side or the other. More to the point, the key understanding here is that in a reverse line movement, the opposite of what is expected to occur takes place.

As mentioned above, the most common cause for a reverse line movement is a greater amount of wagers placed on one side versus the other. At the same time, another event that can trigger a reverse line movement is when a sports book begins the day with a soft number for the opening line. Understand that a weak opening number can show a reverse line movement that can’t really be trusted since it has not really occurred.

Conclusion: the reverse line movement wager is certainly worth studying a bit further if you want to maximize your sports betting winning potential.

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