Could 3 Be Your Magic Sports Betting Number?

Of course you already know that successful sports betting is all about staying on top of the numbers. Even a rank amateur sports bettor quickly comes to terms with the fact that there are key numbers to know and understand for any sports betting situation. Not only that, since each sport has unique its own situations and setups, the numbers you need to know are sports specific.

One sports that has generated a lot of statistics over the years is NFL football games. The number guys have been cranking numbers in and out of mathematical equations and formulas for years to find some winning patterns, anything to give them a slight edge. Obviously you know that in the long run, you only need a very slight edge to be a consistent long run winner. The entire casino industry, either online or offline is based on this concept of a slight edge.

So what magic number have the number crunchers come up with lately? Would you believe the lowly number ‘3’ is significant for NFL sports betting?

Here is how this works according to one of the acknowledged statistical wizards, Andy Iskoe of Logical Approach. It seems that Andy was in the midst of researching NFL games. He went back through 17 years of data to uncover a rather fascinating fact. His research revealed that at least 15 percent of the time, NFL games finished with a 3 point difference.

Although at first glance, 15 percent may not seem like enough to make a difference, check out his next conclusion. That 15 percent number is twice as high as the next key number of ‘7’. In other words, seven percent of NFL games ended with the final score of the winner being seven points more than the loser. This pattern continues; the next highest percentage number is ‘6’ which occurs about six percent of the time.

What does all of this mean? Although the statistics may at first glance may appear trivial and not worth your attention, they are in fact the very numbers you want to pay attention to when placing your NFL sports bet. You see, the fact is that in NFL games, the final scores will rarely, if ever end in final numbers of 1, 2, 5, 8, 12, 15, or 16 points. Also, keep in mind that in NFL games, the extra point kicks are pretty much a given, with an almost 100 percent success rate.

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