Could You Use A Slight Edge In Your Poker Play?

If you are like most poker players out there, chances are good that you just nodded your head in agreement and muttered “of course”. And if you have been in and around the world of poker for any length of time at all, you can’t help but having noticed that as the game of Poker has gotten more popular, so too has the necessity of being on top of your game. So with that in mind, following is a quick rundown of some basic tactics you can use to stop on top of your game.

First up is knowing when to play and when not to play. Truth be told, this one is most often associated with beginning poker players. Not to say that veteran poker players fall into this trap, its just that hopefully more seasoned players can catch themselves beforehand. The trap is the urge to just keep on playing.

Nope, that does not work. In fact, all that strategy will do for you is to empty out your wallet even faster. More troublesome for a new poker player is that if you outplay your wallet, you won’t be around as the game progresses to learn the nuances of the game. Bottom line: pay attention to the game and do not be afraid to fold. There was even a popular song about this a few decades ago about knowing when to fold em.

Next up is knowing when and when not to bluff. Of course, bluffing in and of itself is an important tool in your poker play. But like all tools, bluffing is only works in some circumstances against some players. In other words, bluffing is a tool that you only ever pull out of your toolbox when it makes sense.

Which leads right into the next bit of poker play wisdom for you. This one is all about taking a close look at the other players around the table. If you are paying attention and are alert, you will most likely start to see certain patterns showing up. For example, you might note that the player on the opposite end of the table has a habit of always raising the stakes when he is a certain position. That is poker play intelligence that you can bring to use later in the game. Now, that being said, be wary of player behavior that may be designed to lead you astray.

Bottom line is this: upping your poker play means finding and using whatever slight edge you can find. As explained above, three easy to apply slight edges are learning when to fold, knowing when to fold and staying on top of the other players behavior at the table.

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