Crystal Ball Or Sucker’s Bet?

You decide, but first let’s take a closer look. This is all about what is normally called a “Future Bet”. And just like it sounds, a Future Bet is wagering on an event that won’t show up until sometime later in the future. For example, betting on which team will the SuperBowl before season even starts is a Future Bet.

Before this goes much further, you need to note that in most cases, future betting is considered more of a recreational betting activity. As you can well imagine, many of the future bets that are placed are made by avid sports fans or those backing the home team. Many times, the professional sports bettor will not even consider a future bet. The professional knows that there is too much “juice” built into the wager. Too much juice in fact, to bank on coming out ahead of the game.

That being said, if you are indeed interested in placing a future bet, you will want to make sure you take the time and effort to shop the proper line. The reality of the sports betting world is that the odds can be all over the map from one site to another. This is a perfect example of why doing your homework with any sports bet is critical (at least if you don’t want to end up with a lighter wallet at the end of the day).

Anyway, get the point that any sort of strategy for winning with a future bet will necessarily involving capping the market. Although it is true the conventional wisdom tells us that future bets perform much worse than manual parlays, nowadays that is not always the case. Increased competition amongst the sports betting sites has made a future bet a better deal in some cases.

Finally, keep in mind some tips when you are shopping for the best line. You will want to take a look at the margins and not just the best price. For example, one sports betting site, 5Dimes actually has some of the lowest margins around and 3 times out of 4 they will they will also have the best price also.

As you can see, a future bet doesn't have to be a hopeful gaze into a crystal ball. Although not used so much by the professional sports bettor, the future bet can still pay out for you if you do a bit of homework.

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