Does A Numbers Approach To SportsBetting Work?

You can readily understand the appeal of any sort of sports betting system or strategy that could reliably deliver sports betting wisdom. To be sure, do a quick Google on sports betting tactics or strategies and you will readily see there are literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of sports betting gurus touting their wisdom. Fair enough.

And, truth be told some of these sports betting gurus are correct, at least some of the time. So with that sort of thinking in mind, how about looking at sports betting from a different sort of perspective? A perspective that you may not yet have considered to be a valuable sports betting strategy. In this case, it is about taking a good hard look at those sports and those teams that take what can best be described as an analytical approach to their gameplay.

This all came about from a recent conference by the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference (SSAC) held in Boston just a few weeks ago. For the record, this sports analytics conference drew a startlingly high number of attendees, around 3,900 from 32 countries no less. Get this: this conference was all about the value of using quantifiable sports analytics in an attempt to challenge existing sports wisdom. If you are a smart sports betting practitioner you may well want to understand at least some of what was revealed at this SSAC conference.

To begin to understand the nature of sports analytics, all you really need to understand is that the analytics approach is one that looks at sports from the outside rather than from the inside. You can better understand what this is all about when you think back to the bestselling book by Michael Lewis entitled “Moneyball” back in 2003. Recall that “Moneyball” told the story of how the Oakland Athletics team applied this process. Or take a look at a quote from a panelist at the SSAC conference, Nante Silver who was quoted as saying “ good analysis is about asking questions and questioning assumptions”.

So what does this have to do with optimizing your sports betting strategy? Consider that it never ever hurts to put another tool in your sports betting strategy toolbox. In other words, take a good look around at the sports, the individual teams and such that are performing better than you might expect and then ask yourself why. Are they using a sports analytics approach? If so, that could be a clue for your next sports bet.

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