Does The Real Team Even Matter Anymore?

Increasingly, this question is becoming ever more relevant. Of course you know that Fantasy Sports betting is becoming more and more popular. In the early days, Fantasy Sports was more about picking a fantasy draft team at the start of the season. Then that roster was followed all throughout the season. The obvious drawback is the huge time commitment involved in tracking the games and the competition lasts all season long. Consequently, most Fantasy Sports bettors approached this as more of a hobby.

However, this is not the case for single-day fantasy. With what is referred to as daily play, there is an entirely new sports betting model. Those who want to get in on the action can draft a new lineup whenever there’s a new slate of games, thus the name daily play. Also since this is daily play, the time commitment is very small. At the same time, the results good or bad are immediately available. No waiting till the end of the season to tally up your results. But perhaps best of all, the payoffs can be sizable.

One daily fantasy sports success story, Peter Jennings, put it this way: “…I went with fantasy sports betting because I realized this was going to be a better opportunity. Instead of competing against the whole sports betting market, you are just competing against a few other people.” Jennings went on to make the point that daily fantasy sports wagering is all about your own sports knowledge and the amount of research you put in. Get this: Jennings is a voice to listen to in terms of fantasy sports. For one, he has won the FanDuels $150,000 championship prize. Jennings also walked away with a $1Million prize at the DraftKings fantasy baseball championship in the Bahamas.

Noting the increasing popularity of fantasy sports, there are some signs that the Big Leagues are finally warming up to the idea. From the NBA to major league baseball, professional sports teams are actually looking to get into the daily fantasy sports bets.

As you might expect, this is still a story in the making. Yet, this is no time to be a couch potato. Some sports betting fans are winning and winning big at daily fantasy sports. If nothing else, you deserve to take a look at this sports betting option for yourself.

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