Don’t Let The Summer Sports Betting Doldrums Get You Down

Perhaps you, like quite a number of sports betting fans out there are starting to feel as if something is missing. After all, the NBA and the NHL seasons are over and done with for now. At the same time, the up and coming football season is still a few months away. What does an avid sports betting fan supposed to do in the summertime?

With that in mind, what you will see in the remainder of this article is a brief overview of some summertime sports betting options you may not have considered. Take a look and see if you could enjoy a few sports wagers on any of the following.

One option is the AFL. Yes, it is true that Arena Football basically took the year 2009 off to regroup, the AFL is back. As of this writing, there are no less than 18 active teams in the League. Staring in March, there is an 18 game lineup.

Note that there is not a lot of media attention as of yet on the AFL. However, as a sports betting fan you probably know that could work in your favor. Think soft lines and lower betting volumes, that sort of thing.

Another sports betting option you might want to consider is the United Football League (UFL). Truth be told, this is but the 3rd year that the UFL has been around. In addition, note that there is even less attention on the UFL.

Yet once again, that could in fact work out to your advantage. Since in fact, most of the players as well as the coaches in the UFL are familiar to the sports betting insiders you could make a case that this makes UFL sports betting a viable option.

One more summer sports betting option in the form of football is the Canadian Football League (CFL). The fact of the matter is that for the most part, the CFL is more widely respected than either the AFL or the UFL.

After all, the CFL has been around for some time now. That being said, do pay attention to the fact that CFL rules are a bit different than the football rules you are accustomed to seeing in play. Nevertheless, you the CFL football games are rather high scoring and could prove to be quite an exciting summer sports betting option.

From the above, you can plainly see that there are a number of summer football sports betting options you may not have considered.

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