Game Changer For Sports Betting

Of course you know the name ESPN. Originally, this acronym stood for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. Nowadays, ESPN is essentially a cable satellite television channel with a decided focus on sports related programming, events and that sort of thing. According to 2015 stats, ESPN is seen by more than 94 Million households just in the United States. Furthermore, ESPN also broadcasts in more than 200 countries around the world. In other words, it is no big stretch to say that ESPN is a media giant.

And naturally, when a media giant breaks with long standing tradition and actually ventures to actively comment on what used to be ‘taboo’ topics, well then that is in and of itself a game changer. Following is what this is all about.

As you might have noticed over the last few years or so, online gambling, sports betting, and now even fantasy sports betting has been on the rise. Yet until only just recently, the commentators at ESPN were, shall we say, reluctant to even broach the subject. Whether it was due to the very real fact that ESPN is actually majority owned by the Walt Disney Company or for some other reason, the fact is that even talking about sports betting was frowned upon.

Not that the commentators ignored the subject. It was more of a case of the commentators talking around the subject. In fact, Rob King, head of ESPN’s Sport Center put it best when he was quoted as saying: “…there was a time we would talk about it without talking about it. We would say phrases like: The game’s going to be closer than the experts think.”

What has changed as of late is that betting, sports betting to be sure is now being openly discussed. Former Director of news at ESPN, Vince Doria had this to say about the new exposure. In so many words, Doria explained the reason ESPN was paying more attention to gambling was due in large part to the growth of fantasy sports. More to the point, the daily fantasy sports.

In other words, the takeaway for you here is that ESPN is one sense finally talking about what is really going on in the real world. Recognizing that sports betting, especially online sports betting associated with daily fantasy sports is in fact already going on, ESPN execs finally decided to talk on the subject.

Yet don’t miss the very big picture here. When a media giant such as ESPN comes out and talks openly about sports betting, that is a clear sign that times are changing indeed.

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