Is Online Poker Play Different?

The answer to that question is a qualified yes. More to the point, perhaps a better answer is both yes and no. With that in mind, how about a quick and easy run through of a few of the mindset changes you will need to make to be successful with online poker play. You see, one fundamental concept you will want to clearly understand is that although the basics of poker play are the same online as well as offline, there are some key differences you need to be aware of.

Here’s one you might not have even considered, that of the competition you will face online. Understand that even though you may be the local hotshot in your local poker card game at home, in the world of online poker play the fact of the matter is that more often than not you will face some higher caliber poker competitors. What does that mean for someone that wants to be successful with online poker play? Easy, start small. As in getting into online poker play with lower stakes online poker games until you care clear you are up to speed on how online poker play is a bit different than the traditional poker you play with your friends on the weekends.

Another difference with online poker play that may take you some time to get used to is the time bank feature. You see, whereas in your local poker game you may be able to take as long as you want to contemplate your hand, there is no such luxury with online poker games. Instead there is a time bank, a virtual clock that starts counting down the second your turn to make a move shows up. For someone new to the world of online poker this can oftentimes prove a bit stressful and lead to quick decisions that are not so smart.

Related to this time bank feature is the number of hands you will end up playing once you get into online poker play. Understand that since online poker games always have a clock running in the background, you can’t help but seeing more hands per hour than the traditional slow paced poker games you may be used to at home. This increased number of poker hands can be great if you use them to learn more about the nuances of playing winning poker hands.

As you can plainly see from the above, there is a real difference between online poker play and the home poker play you are accustomed to. Yet that being said, the incredible rise in the popularity of online poker play clearly shows that more and more online casino players are drawn to online poker games.

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