Is Sports Betting Akin To Putting Your Money In Stocks?

There are those that liken sports betting to stock trading. Depending on which side of the aisle you hang out on, you may agree or you may disagree with this comparison. Yet, hold on a second. Stop for a minute and look at this from another perspective. Does this comparison even makes any sense?

First up, look at some commonalities between these two activities. How about the most basic of basics? In sports betting as in stock investing, you are necessarily dealing with “the numbers”. Good, bad, or indifferent, success in the long term for either activity means getting comfortable with the numbers.

Here’s another one for you. It turns out that in both stock investing and in sports betting, the crowd is usually wrong. In other words, following the crowd in either activity will most likely lighten your wallet. Think about it this way: the best stock investors in the world, say like Warren Buffet, take the time to find undervalued companies. Similarly, the most successful sports bettors do their homework and find the game, the team, the event that may be overlooked by most.

Still another similarity you can point to with sports betting and stock investing is the fact that skill is involved. Even the weekend warrior will do at least a little bit of research before opening up his wallet. Back to the skills. Of course everyone recognizes the values of skills in stock investing.

Yet, there is a skill set needed in successful sports betting also. Remember that sports betting is unlike other online casino games such as online slots where you just hit the Spin button and pray. No, the most successful sports bettors typically have some sort of system to analyze their options before placing their wagers.

On the other side of the table however is one glaring dissimilarity between the two activities. This dissimilarity involves the ability to hedge. In this case, the stock investor comes out on top. As you know, a stock investor can effectively buy protections for his investments such as stop loss orders, that sort of thing. Sports bettors? Not so much.

As you can see, there are quite a few similarities between stock investing and sports betting. Perhaps the most significant difference is one that is not discussed above. This is the idea of perception. In some circles, sports betting is still looked down upon whereas stock investing is looked at as a professional, even honorable activity.

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