Is There A Difference With Doing It Online?

Yes. And, truth be told, understanding the differences experienced in a couple of rounds of online poker versus live action in person poker games can make all the difference to how much or how little you walk away with. The fact of the matter is that no matter how good a poker player you happen to be in person, the online poker game is in many respects a whole new world.

Perhaps the first way to see the difference with online poker is to take a closer look at your opponent. You see, more often than not, the online poker game is much more likely to have you facing off with more difficult opposition. This scenario often shows up when skilled live game poker players hop online into the same stakes. The end result is that this supposedly skilled player may rather quickly feel like the gameplay is far and above his skill level. In other words, understand that the competition you will face with online poker play is more likely to be a skilled player.

Another factor associated with online poker play that is not experienced so much in live table poker games is the ever present time bank feature. Since there is only ever a set amount of time in which the online poker player can make his move, poker players that move to online poker may find themselves feeling under pressure to make a move, a feeling not often experienced in live poker play.

One trap to be on the lookout for if you are new to online poker is the temptation to venture out and try your hand at multi table poker play. Since the online environment makes multi table poker play easily to participate the temptation to take on more than a single table is hard to deny. Yet, unless and until your online poker skill is up to the task you may find yourself with a lighter wallet at the end of the day. In other words, take the time to understand the nuances associated with online poker play with one table first. Then and only then should you venture out and take on multiple tables at the same time.

Are you starting to get a handle on a few of the key differences associated with online poker play? Take the time to clearly understand how and why online poker matches progresses the way it does and sooner than you might expect you will find that your poker skill level has increased.

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