Just In Time For The Season

As you already know, it’s that time of year again. It’s time to get into the National Basketball Association (NBA) sports betting. With that in mind, now is a very good time to review some of the NBA sports betting ins and outs.

The thing is, NBA and basketball sports betting is what you could call a mature industry. Would you believe that each season there are more than 12,000 professional and college games available for you to place a wager upon? It goes without saying, but let’s go ahead and say it anyway. That’s a lot of opportunity. Opportunity to make money or on the other side of the table a lot of opportunity to lose money. With that in mind, how about a quick run down of the most common basketball betting choices.

First up, make sure you understand that basketball wagers are similar in many respects to football bets. In other words, you will make use of point spreads to handicap the favorites versus the underdogs. Additionally, you have the option of using over and under totals like you do with football. Now a quick down and dirty review of the most popular basketball bets.

Obviously the point spread bet is an option for your basketball wager. The team you pick must win by the specific point spread you select at the time you place your bet. Typically the odds work out as $1.10 to $1.00 (sometimes written as -110). Note it is vital to understand that the point spread can and does change at any time.

Next up is the money line bet. You can think of the money line bet as an either or proposition. That is, the team you pick either wins or does not. In other words, the team you wager upon only has to win the game.

Another popular basketball wager is the “totals bet”. The totals bet is based on whether the combined scores of the two teams playing against each other will end up over or under a certain number for the games. As you might expect, this number is called the total.

Interestingly, wagering on basketball also allows you to engage in parlay betting. Remember parlay betting is when all teams wagered on a parlay must win.

As you can see, wagering on basketball provides many opportunities for you. Understanding the basic strategies as outline above can give you a head start on this season’s action.

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