Just In Time Sports Betting Advice

Just in time for the upcoming wildly popular sports betting that starts showing up about this time every season, that of the American Football calendar. Now do understand that this all about the pre-season action and how you can best take advantage of what you see on the field. Of course, you probably know full well that the pre-season action is not so much about the wins or the losses.

Instead, the pre-season activity is all about the evaluation of new and younger talent. Nevertheless, there are sports betting opportunities in this pre-season that you may well choose to make. If so, there are a few factors to consider.

One such factor to keep a close eye on is the coaching strategy you see. Understand that there are in fact only 4 pre-season games scheduled. As such, pay attention to the fact that the coaches have specific goals for each and every week of the pre-season games.

For example, don’t be surprised when you spot the coach putting the starters in the first quarter in the first game, a bit more than one quarter in the second game and so on. The point to notice is that the coach is giving the starters some real competition while still maintaining the health of the starters.

What this means in terms of the actual pre-season games is that you are more likely to spot what looks to be plain vanilla game strategies being played out. In other words, strategies such as short passes and running plays are the norm with these pre-season games. That is the reason why the pre-season game scores tend to be lower than regular season games.

What does this mean in terms of your sports betting strategy? If you take the time to do a bit of research you can most likely find comments to the media about the pre-season game plans. These little bits of sports betting intelligence are key to placing a winning sports bet. As a seasoned sports bettor you most likely know how the coaching comments, the injuries or lack thereof and strategies all move the line one way or another.

From there, you are armed with the right information to place the sports bet that is more likely than not to turn out to be a winner. Moreover, what you learn in this pre-season intelligence gathering may in fact turn out to be profitable later on when the regular season shows up.

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