Last Word On Poker Betting

Hanging out in the world of online poker, video poker and even watching live poker matches you have probably heard all sorts of so called wisdom about the types of betting available in poker. Interestingly, you may even find some claiming that they are making bets for what looks to be obscure reasons such as “…betting for information…”. Hmmm, not so much.

You see, the reality of poker is this. There can only ever be two types of bets. Call them what you want, but what you end up doing in the end is betting for one of two reasons. You are betting a value bet or you are betting a bluff.

A value bet is in some sense a strategic bet. You are placing the value bet because you have a strong opinion you do have the best hand on the table and you really do want to be called. On the other side of the table of course is the bluff bet. You are placing a bluff bet (bluffing) because you don’t actually have the best hand after all and you do not not want to be called.

But what about the so-called must bets? You see, from the traditional poker play around the table, it was common to refer to a strong hand as a must bet. Used this way, it would seem that must bets would only apply to strong hand betting. Yet, you may have noticed that it seems like there should be bluff bets that would follow the same line of reasoning. That is, you find yourself in such a precarious position you feel you have no other choice but to bluff?

Sure. That makes sense does it not? Yet don’t get trapped by the language here. Go back to the beginning of this writeup. Recall the statement about there really only being two types of bets that are really happening in the world of poker? If you use terms like must bets and the like you may find yourself heading down a slippery slide.

Consider that by using terms like must bets you may be separating yourself from a true wining poker strategy. You may find yourself thinking you MUST BET when in fact that is not the best strategy after all. As you probably know the best strategies are the simplest. With that in mind, make sure you know and understand there are only two types of betting action only ever happening in poker.

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