Learning To Get Full Edge In Sports Betting

Full edges as in maximizing your possible winnings while minimizing both your possible losses as well as minimizing time and energy spent focusing on the wrong things. Things that may have nothing at all to do with coming out ahead with your sports bet but somewhere along the way you heard or read you “should always do blank with your sports bet”.

First up, recognize the indisputable fact that you and you alone are in charge. In other words, be wary of anyone “shoulding” all over you. Now, that being said, it is certainly true that there are in fact some fundamentals with your sports betting that you will want to keep in mind. Note that more often than not, these fundamentals, or principles if you will, are those that have stood the test of time and are not the latest and greatest fad to hit the sports betting arena.

Perhaps the most basic principal of sports betting that will serve you whether you are a rank beginner or a season pro is that of making sure that your sports betting dollar stretches as far as it possible can. To put this in common ordinary terms, it is nothing more than taking a little bit of extra time and effort to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

That means shopping around for the best sports book for you and your personal situation. You can’t help but have noticed that lately there is what looks to be a lot of competition from sports books. From your perspective, that is great. Due to modern technology and the fact that everything is online nowadays there is no excuse for not putting forth even a little bit of effort to compare one sports book to another.

Get this, a little goes a long way. Yeah, it is true. That may sound like a tired old cliche, but hey, a phrase gets to be a cliche because at some level the phrase is based on some level of truth.

Here’s what it looks like in real life. All you have to do is to consider how much money you will keep in your pocket by finding a -105 line. Recall that vig, if not handled carefully, can easily swamp out your winnings and put you in the hole. To put this another way, look at what happens by simply cutting your vig in half.

Bottom line is this: getting the full edge is all about understanding and using the fundamentals or principles of successful sports betting pros. Reality check: not getting the best price on your sports bets , well that says something about you and your approach to sports betting don’t you think?

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