Line Movements And Sports Betting

Question: have you ever found yourself in the position of diligently researching the game, the team, the odds and that sort of thing, carefully running the numbers and confidently hitting the CONFIRM button on your sports bet only to see that Red Alert flash across the screen? The Red Alert that shows you that the sports betting line just moved. Uggh!, Now What?

The fact of the matter is that while there are times that the line may move in your favorite, more often than not it moves in the other direction. The natural result is that unmistakable feeling of you are missing out on the better number. That being said, chances are you are going to stick with it and see that sports betting choice all the way through. Nevertheless, it is hard to avoid longing for that extra push a line movement in the other direction with a better number.

With that in mind, a sports betting question that pops up a lot has to do with the sports betting public and what if any effect they may have on line movements. Consider that the wagering public makes their position known fairly early in the sports betting process. You can see this in the very first hour that the sports betting lines open up. If you are watching this in real time you cannot help but spot the unmistakable line movement once the public starts placing wagers one way or the other.

For the record, you will want to clearly understand that this early line movement can usually be traced back to the public sports betting crowd. Contrary to what you may have heard about the sports betting pros moving the line, the fact of the matter is that most line movements arise from the actions of public wagering crowd.

In addition, you will want to clearly understand that more often than not, the sports betting public does in fact end up with some of the best deals or values on their sports betting choices. For example, if there is a sporting event with clear home favorites that you are considering for a sports bet, pay attention to the fact that the very first price you spot is most likely to be best price. Not a set in stone rule to be sure, but a good rule of thumb to keep in mind.

That being said, do keep in mind that the sports betting public is not always correct in their sports betting choices. That of course is your opportunity. Understandably that means doing your homework and taking the time to determine what actually triggered that line movement.

Bottom line: line movement is an important sports betting betting concept for all serious sports betting fans.

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