Little Hinges In Sports Betting

Are you familiar with the concept of ‘little hinges’ as the phrase is used in the sports betting world? Truth be told, the idea of little hinges comes from none other than W. Clement Stone who is famous for his line of ‘big doors swing on little hinges’. Naturally you can readily understand how this concept applies to the world of sports betting. In other words, big results are quite often the result of smaller actions or concepts which lead to rather outsized results.

With that in mind, following are a few sports betting small hinges for you to bring into play the next time you are getting ready for your next sports bet. Start with what should be common sense but is in fact quite often overlooked. That is the idea of the bonuses and promotions that are right there in front of you.

As you probably know, the majority of online sports betting sites offer welcome bonuses for newly registered users. At the same time, keep in mind that once you are there, that online sports betting site wants to keep you as a sports betting customer. That means that if you are paying attention, you will certainly notice various promotions coming your way periodically. Don’t overlook these promos as they can actually make a fairly sizable difference in how much money you end up making over the course of a year.

Another such small sports betting hinge to remember is the importance of discipline. The fact of the matter is that good discipline is a necessity if you intend to be a successful sports bettor. Obviously you have to custom tailor your sports betting disciplines to the types of sports bets you make, the size of your budget and so on. One quick example of this sort of sports betting discipline is the decision to only ever wager a certain percentage of your bank roll, no matter what. As you might have already experienced, this one is the most difficult when you find yourself going through a bad run.

Lastly, one more sports betting hinge to at least consider is that of sticking to those sports bets in which you are the most adept. In other words, you could say this is more about sticking to what you know, at least for the good majority of the sports bets that you place.

From what you have read, you can quite easily understand the effect of small hinges in sports betting. Is this something you are willing to embrace for your sports bets?

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