Little Used But Money Making Tips For Your Sports Betting

It goes without saying but then again perhaps it is a good to say it every now and then so you don’t lose sight of what matters. In short, this is all about getting the maximum value out of your sports wagering. After all, unless your sports bets are but an occasional hobby, you want to take the time to focus on the best ways to maximize your value. So, with that in mind, following is a quick recap of some of the most important concepts to keep in mind.

Of course you are probably well up to speed with the whole idea of shopping around. Shopping around for the best line you can possibly get, that is. You see, the fact of the matter is that for quite a few sports betting fans out there, there is quite a bit of what is best referred to as leakage regarding obtaining the best line and the best price. Bottom line: take the time, exert the effort to make sure you only ever get the best line for the best price. Enough said, moving on then.

Next up is the importance of understanding the concept of half point value. You see, when you are shopping around the various sports betting sites, you are looking at both point spread and the price. But here is where it can get a bit muddled. Look at this way: deciding between a +4 and a +4.5 when both are equally priced is a no brainer. You will obviously take the extra half point since you don’t have to pay any more for it.

But what happens in the case when say you find +4.5 at -110 and +4 at -103? Seriously, what do you do now? The sports betting pro at that point would turn to his trusty database to figure out what has happened over the last five years or so. How often and by how much have the underdogs actually lost over time? From that point, he would calculate how many times he must win at that -103 to break even. From there, he figures out his true odds based on the numbers above. One point you should walk away from here is that the professional sports bettor develops a database or has access to one to help him with this sort of thing.

As you can see, to make real money in sports betting is getting the maximum value. Maximum value starts with shopping for the best line then moving on to maximizing the half point value.

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