Luck, Skill or Divine Intervention?

Sports betting is a unique form of gambling in that it actually involves a bit of all of the above. First up, consider that no matter who you are, no matter what strategy you employ, there will be some sports bets that you just will not win.

On the other hand, take a moment to consider some very real facts about sports betting. You already know that some people make darned good money with their sports bets. Yet at the same time you probably also know that the amateur sports bettor is more often a loser. What makes the difference?

Oftentimes becoming a fairly consistent winner with sports betting involves the use of some disciplines. But before you even go there, keep one thing in mind. Winning, in the context of this article means winning over the long term. You have heard the saying you win some, you lose some. A professional sports bettor knows this and aims for a consistent long range winning strategy.

In case you haven’t figured it out quite yet, becoming a consistent winner is really a matter of hunkering down and studying. That’s right, studying, learning the ins and the outs of sports you are betting on. It goes without saying, but we better go ahead and say it here just in case: there is no way for you to become an expert in everything.

For example, if football is your thing, immerse yourself in it. Learn the ins and the outs of football wagers, what the winning betting strategies are and how to use them over time. Imagine what an expert you can become in football wagering if you devote some serious time to it. On the other hand, if you try to become an expert at football betting, horse racing, and poker tournaments, you may end up with disappointing results.

If you decide to go the distance and actually become knowledgeable with your favorite sports wagering you will see that over time you start winning more than you are losing. That’s your first clue you are on the right path. If you continue with this same discipline you could very well turn out to be one of the few sports bettors who win more than they lose.

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