Need To Know Info On Betting Lines

Although at first glance the concept of betting lines and what they actually mean may appear simplistic, even blindingly obvious. Yet the fact of the matter is that betting lines in sports betting is one area where quite a number of sports betting fans think they know a bit more than they actually do. With that in mind, how about a closer look at betting lines?

Start at the beginning, as in a clear and unambiguous definition of betting line. You see, the fact of the matter is that the term betting line can have two different meanings. On one hand, the betting line could refer to the odds in a particular sports event. On the other hand, that betting line could instead refer to the point spread. Are you starting to see how important it is to really understand what is really going on?

So now is the time to take a look at an example of what you are seeing when you log-in to your favorite sports betting site. Suppose you are intrigued with the possibility of an up and coming match between teams ‘A’ and ‘B’. You punch that match into the Search field of your online sportsbook and you see a display that looks like: B-7.5-110-405, A +7.5 -110 +300m, 56.5-110. What does this cryptic sequence of numbers really tell you?

Here goes: start with the letters. The letters obviously refer to the two teams. The first number after the team is the point spread. Next in line is the number that tells you in no uncertain terms the amount of cash you have to fork out to win $100. This is actually rather useful since you can easily figure out how much money you will pocket if the wager works out in your favor.

Moving on, now you are looking at the 3rd number in the sequence. This number is referred to as the money line. You can use the money line number to place a wager on the a team versus betting on the point spread. The “+” tells you how much you will win for every $100 that you wager on the money line. Alternatively, the “-” sign next to the favorite is the amount you have to wager to possibly win $100.

Last up you will see the last two numbers that represent the over-under amounts. The first number in the sequence is the sports books forecast total score while the second number is the amount you have to wager for the chance to win $100.

Did you get all of that? Can you see just much information you can pull away just by taking a look at a single betting line?

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