Need To Know Sports Betting Math

You have most likely read various things about sports betting math over the years. Yet this article takes a somewhat different approach to what you may have encountered before. Now, that being said, there is an underlying attitude or mindset you must embrace for this to make any sense. This mindset is all about how you look at the money you put into your sports wagers.

You see, if you are but occasional sports betting fan that is all well and good. In fact, what you will read here will still work for you. At the same time, this is more about the professional, the ones that aim to make not just the occasional lucky win but to actually come out ahead at the end of the year.

That is exactly what this is all about. That coming ahead at the end of the year part. You see, if you shift your thinking around just a little bit and consider your sports bets as investments you will understand where this is going. What would you normally expect with any other sort of an investment?

A return of course. That is exactly where we are headed. The Return on your sports betting investment. Now do understand that to figure your sports betting return you must include your cost of placing that bet to begin with, the juice in other words. Take a look at how this plays out in real life.

Suppose Happy Al wagers $100 one hundred times over the season. Let’s suppose that just like math class examples, Happy Al won half and lost half. What is Al’s return? NO, it is not 50% as you might first think. Al has to factor in the cost of those wagers he placed. Suppose just like most sports books, Al paid his guy the standard 11/10. Ooops, now what that really happened is that Al spent $11,000 and lost $500. His return in this case is actually a negative 4.5%. Ouch! See why you want to do this sort of math?

Imagine thinking you are ahead at the end of the year only to do the math to discover that you are behind. See, that’s the difference between the pro and the amateur. Anybody can open their wallet and place a sports bet. Nothing special about that at all. It is another thing entirely to do the math ahead of time before placing a bet and at the end of the season to score yourself.

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