Never Fail Sports Betting Strategy?

Everyone is looking for the can’t fail strategy. The smart player in the sports betting world knows and understands that coming out ahead over the long run is only ever about the slight edge. Slight as in only a measly one to three percent. Consider that over an extended time period, long term winning happens with that small a percentage. To eke out even that long term percentage, you need a strategy that will work come rain or shine, good team or lousy team.

One such strategy goes by the name of “fading the public”. Fading the public is nothing more than watching what the crowd does and then making sure you don’t do that. In other words, you are betting against the crowd.

Why would you want to even consider going against the crowd? Is it possible the crowd reflects something like group wisdom or something like that? Nope. In fact, the reality is that most times the crowd is exactly wrong.

Why does this work? Think of it in terms of basic psychology. As you have probably noticed by now, the public (our crowd in this case) is in love with the idea of placing wagers on the so-called favorites and “overs”. Actually, it is human nature to want to root for winners, to cheer on the scorers. Now add in the oftentimes ridiculous media hype. This media hype is liking pouring gasoline on a fire. Without thinking about, it would be hard not to bet on the favorite.

Here’s more evidence to support this point. As you know, sportsbooks do not operate as charities. Sportsbooks have to make a profit or they won’t be in business tomorrow. Sportsbooks understand this tendency explained above and adjust their lines accordingly. Always always remember that sports books do not look to balance their ‘books’. No, not at all. Sportsbooks make a profit by recognizing the tendency of the average sports bettor by adjusting their lines .

Back to the basics here. Remember this if you forget everything else you just read. Betting against the public (aka Fading the Public) will produce a positive return on your investments. You can also hold those small one to three percent numbers in your head too. Remember you only need as little as a one percent advantage to come out ahead. Wagering against the public can and will give you that advantage.

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