New Online Sport Betting Empire

Sometimes or perhaps even oftentimes you can learn a lot by watching and paying attention to what the big players do. In this case it is all about the stratospheric rise of fantasy sports betting and most especially daily fantasy sports betting.

Following is the latest big money plays in the sports betting world. Start with a massive $300 million investment. That’s the size of the big pile of cash just dumped into the lap of the daily fantasy sports betting site Draft Kings. This $300 Million was put together by a coalition of investors including Fox Sports, Madison Square Garden along with the national leagues of baseball, hockey and soccer.

Yet that is just the beginning of the story. At about the same time another boatload of cash landed in the lap of the competing fantasy sports betting organization FanDuel. When totaled up, FanDuel added an additional $275 Million in investments from NBC Sports, Time Warner’s Tuner Sports plus a few other smaller investors such as Google and Comcast.

In one respect you could make a pretty compelling case that it is staring to look like the two competing daily fantasy sports sites FanDuel and Draft Kings are in a sort of battle amongst themselves to dominate this new and growing field. Perhaps not, this will be interesting to watch going forward.

All of that being said, what is really going on here anyway? Perhaps what this is all about was made pretty clear by a comment from Fox. Eric Shanks, president of Fox Sports put it this way: “..the more people play, the more they consume our product on TV”. Well there you go. Straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

In an era when TV audiences are dwindling away, the television focused on the sports world has suddenly discovered a way to bring back their fan base. No wonder there is so much money being thrown around chasing the daily fantasy sports betting fan.

In case you don’t quite see the picture clearly yet, here is another way to see what is going on. Understand that it is all about capturing attention and maintaining engagement. So look at what FanDuel uncovered with a survey conducted among its users. When asked fantasy sports players when they expected to quit the majority answered never. In other words, a loyal and growing fan base. Now you can see why the big money players are throwing money at this new sports betting venue

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