Next Big Online Sports Betting Breakthrough?

Perhaps. Here is what this is all about. You are probably quite familiar with the seemingly unstoppable rise of sports betting and most especially daily fantasy sports betting. Yet despite this new found popularity, the fact of the matter is that more often than not the sports betting strategies and techniques used today are not so different from the sports betting strategies of the paper and pencil era.

As you are about to learn, there is an up and coming sports betting insight that may end up having a profound effect on sports betting as you know it today. In short, this is all about a relatively new question in the sports betting world. That question comes down to this: is the traditional slow and methodical run all the numbers first approach to sports betting on the edge of being displaced by a new generation of sports betting fans?

A generation that grew up in the always connected world and is more often than not an avid gamer. And truth be told, these avid gamers bring to sports betting world a set of skills that just might give these folks the upper hand. In other words, the question of the moment is whether or electronic gaming skills are readily transferable to the sports betting world?

Consider for example the necessity for a gamer to be able to think both strategically and rapidly. As you probably know, to succeed in today’s rather sophisticated electronic games, the player has to use both strategic and what is oft referred to as ‘out of the box’ thinking. At the same time, you can readily understand that the fast moving pace of these games mean that the sort of thinking mentioned above must be performed in a rapid and quick response manner.

Now go back to the sports betting world, and especially consider the daily fantasy sports venue or live in play wagering. Not only do you need the ability to quickly assess your options you must also be skilled in running multiple scenarios in your head before you place your sports bet. Can you see how the rapid and out of the box thinking most useful in today’s games are readily transferable to sports betting?

So what does all of this mean? It does not take a large stretch of the imagination to see that the avid gamers of today could very easily transfer those skills to the sports betting world. Perhaps you will even see a whole new sports betting training model based on the electronic gaming model.

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