Next Big Thing In Sports Betting

Truth be told, it may be time to set aside what you think you know about the sports betting world. That is to say, all signs point to the hard to ignore fact that the sports betting world is undergoing a shift. In this case, the shift, as it were, is probably not even what you are thinking at this moment. If you are thinking fantasy sports betting, that is. That is a very good guess, since in fact daily fantasy sports have experienced an incredible rise in popularity.

All the same, there is another avenue of sports betting that is coming on just as strong and may very well become the most popular sports betting activity. This avenue is that of so called E-Sports. E-Sports? Yes, E-Sports, the name that is being embraced for the world of competitive video gaming. And lest you think this is but the past time of the younger crowd with nothing better to do, take a look at a recent quote from none other than Sky Betting. Spokesman for Sky Betting, Adam Smith had this to say: “This is the future of sports and we have to focus on that so we don’t get left behind.”

Understand that in most other countries outside the United States where sports betting activities are more accepted, the sports books have been offering wagering activities on these E-Sports for quite some time. Unfortunately, here in the U.S. wagering on competitive video game sports is more often than not taking place in the dark, under the radar of the authorities.

What kind of money are we talking about here anyway? Are yhou ready for this? Try on this number for size, $7.4 Billion. Yes, that is Billion with a capital ‘B’. That is the estimate put forth by Ellers & Krejcik along with Narus Advisors and only represents the unregulated E-Sports action. For the record, that $7.4 Billion figure is reportedly 12 times higher than the amount of regulated E-Sports wagering.

So what does this mean to you? For one thing, now may well be the time to get onboard and learn the ropes on what it takes to wager successfully on E-Sports activities. You may well find that you can find an E-Sports niche that is not so crowded and at least for now you will face fewer competitors. At the very least, E-Sports wagering is a growing activity that you will want to keep your eye upon.

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