NFL And Off -The -Line Parlays

You are most likely know a bit about sports betting. And you may or may not be familiar with a parlay and how a parlay comes into play along with NFL sports betting.

Just for review, a parlay bet means actually placing multiple bets at the same time with a single wager. The trick with a parlay bet is that every one of those multiple bets must win for you to win the final parlay bet. One interesting note related to sports betting is that the bettor can parlay wins even if the games occur at exactly the same time.

Taking this theme one step further, there is the type of wager referred to as “off the board” parlays. This type of sports betting parlay are based on the current point spreads at the time of the board. You can see where the name comes from. The current point spreads are there for you when you are ready to wager on the betting board. You simply indicate the bet numbers you wish to parlay along with the amount of your bet.

You stand a much better chance at coming out a winner if you mix in at least one leg not at -110 in a parlay. Here are some ways you can do exactly that.

You could mix in a money line bet. In this case, you will most likely do better if you focus on an underdog. You could make the effort to add in what is referred to as a lopside line. A lopsided line is typically off of three points. It could look like this: you could lay down 105 or 115 on one leg.

You could put out the money for a half point off of one leg. You may find some resistance from the bookmaker here. They may not let you this off of three points. In that case, put out 120 to get a +7.5 on a 7 point underdog. Alternatively, you could buy your way in with a -6.5 on a 7 point favorite. If you are not sure at all about which way to go here, one strategy that often plays out well is it simply go with the underdog at +7.5.

As you can see, off the board parlays are a real strategy you can use today. Simply take a little bit of time to understand what they are and how they work.

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