NHL Betting CheatSheet

Tis The Season For NHL Betting and with that in mind, now is a very good time to review some of the basics of sports betting in terms of the NHL. Note that making a successful (meaning profitable to you) wager in the NHL requires that you take the time to understand a few differences. You see, betting on the NHL is not the same as your typical wager on an NFL game or a NBA playoff. Nope, not all.

Here’s one that might catch you by surprise, Star Power or more specifically the lack thereof. You see, although you know and expect there to be stars and superstars on the football field or the basketball court, in terms of hockey, not so much. Yes, there are of course personal stars in the NHL. But here’s the thing you need to get a handle on: the so-called “star power” doesn’t have as much of an effect on the overall game in the NHL.

Here’s an example so you can quickly and easily see how this works. Suppose you have a name brand star like Lebron James. You would not be surprised to see him playing just about eighty percent of the game. In hockey, not so much. Even the very best offensive players rarely, if ever, play more than a third of the game. Translation: don’t base your NHL sports wager on any one star player.

How about another one? In terms of the NHL sports wager, you want to be in the know about what’s going on at both ends of the court. You see, in the NHL, not surprisingly, the goalie has more significant impact on the final score than just about any other player. So ask yourself this question: “what is it about that goalie that I should know? Is he hot right from the start? Is he a back-up goalie or is he from the first string?

One more NHL wagering tip for you. Yes, all professional sports require tremendous stamina. Yet, that being said, it goes without saying that the sport of Hockey is a lot more demanding sport, so much so that some would even label Hockey as grueling, especially at the professional level. So consider how “fresh” is the team you are considering?

As you can see, understanding the nuances with hockey as compared to other professional sports is key to making a smart wager.

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