Online Poker Insider’s Tip

As you know, those that play professional poker with real opponents sitting right there across from them have developed a sixth sense, a way to “read” their adversaries, even if they can’t quite explain how they do it. The million dollar question is of course, is this even possible in world of online poker? With the ever increasing popularity of online casino actions and online poker, this question is more timely than ever before.

Thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes. Yes, there are clues right there for you in any online poker game. All you have to do is to learn what these clues are and how to read them to your advantage.

Begin with some basic terminology. In the world of poker, either online or in live-action games, the clues mentioned above have a name. They are referred to as a “tell”. Understand that a tell is nothing more than a repetitive action that the other poker performs time and again. This tell is your clue on your best response.

For a real world example, like you will find in live action poker games, a tell can be something as simple as the other player widening his eyes each and every time he is looking at a strong hand. The thing for you to understand is that most times, this poker player is not even consciously aware of what he is doing. After all, if he is looking at his hand, he is not aware of how his facial expression just changed a bit and flashed a signal to you.

So the next obvious question is how to look for these “tells” in the online poker game. One easy tell with online poker is the speed of play. Since everything seems to happen much faster in the online world, oftentimes your opponent might be flashing you clear “tells” with his speed of play.

Of course, you already know that every online poker room has built in time limits. So, the other player can’t just sit there and wait and debate before making a move. Yet, the speed of play can be a good indicator. Suppose for example, you note that the other player makes a quick bet. You could read that as a weak hand and respond accordingly.

Alternatively, a delay before moving could very indicate that your opponent is looking at a strong hand and is debating how to play it. This is like the widening of the eyes example mentioned above.

As you can see, there are “tells” available to you in the online poker world. The trick is to learn what they are and how to respond.

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