Online Poker Raise Wisdom

Of course you already know that poker is a constantly changing game. The actions of your opponents combined with responses (or lack thereof) make for a dynamic gaming environment. If you want to think of it this way, consider online poker play to be like a river. Unlike a stagnant pond, the river is always moving, sometimes it slows down, at other times it speeds up. Yet all the while the water keeps moving. The same thing applies to your online poker play, you have to notice and adapt to what’s happening as it happens.

That being said, there is some tried and true wisdom you can count on for the most part. Here’s one you can bank on: if it’s good enough to call, what does that mean? It means that it is good enough to raise. Consider: if the action is folded in your direction and you have a hand you know you want to play, a good strategy is to come out with a raise. That’s right, a raise. This forces the other players to add money to the pot pre-flop when in fact you are holding a good hand.

The other side of this of course is the opposite position. That is to say if it turns out that in your considered opinion that your hand just doesn’t make the cut, that your hand is not even good enough to raise, then go ahead and eject. Yes, get out now while the getting is good. Here’s the simple reason why: by cutting your losses early, you prevent your opponents from taking advantage of your weaker hand.

Yet all of that gives rise to an immediate question: what to do with a raise in front of you? It goes without saying that to stay in the game and still come out ahead you will need to have or at least strongly believe you have the stronger hand. Generally a rule you may want to consider in this case works out like this: when hoping to win a set you need to win twenty times the amount you need to call to hit the set. The reason is due to the fact that sometimes you hit a set but your opponent might hit a set at the same time.

Of course, when talking about poker raises, there are many more nuances and variations. Yet, understanding these two raise tips is certainly a good starting point.

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