Playing The Value Game In Sports Betting

We all believe we want to get the best value, especially in those times we are pulling some of that hard earned money out of the wallet to lay down on the next sports bet. So that raises an obvious question does it not? That is; what is Value?

If you ask the folks at Wikipedia, you will see there is a whole list of possible definitions for value. Perhaps the best one is the definition that defines value as a measure of a benefit that may be gained. All right, that’s a great starting place. Now, how about a quick look at some ways you to maximize value.

First up, start with this bit of sports betting wisdom. It goes like this: if you want to maximize value, Line Shopping is a crucial piece of your sports betting strategy. To put this another way, you want to scout around and find the very best line and price. Yes, it may sound simplistic and too basic too have any real effect.

But consider the facts before you jump to that conclusion. The reality is that a significant number of (shall we say most?) sports bettors actually place a wager on what “feels right” at the moment. Call it intuition or wild guess, this is in fact how many sports bets are placed all over the world. You see, this is how it plays out. Since the wager is based on something other than a proven systematic approach, the reality is that it is very difficult to win high enough to beat the vig.

However, if you have previously taken the time to shop around for your best price you will have in large part eliminated a significant piece of the vig. Meaning you may come out ahead.

There’s more to your shopping around. Not only do you want to carefully compare the prices, you must take the time to carefully consider the various point spreads. Here take a look at this example. Suppose there are two different point spreads but the prices are the same. Say one is at +4 and the other one is at +4.5 Obviously you are going to snag the higher half point.

On the other hand, if both the price and the point spreads differ, then you must do a bit of math. Not a lot, mind you, but enough to figure out which is the better play for you. Although there is not space to go into the details in this article, suffice it to say you have to take into account the break even point. This is a simple calculation where the risk is divided by the potential return. Then you take this potential return and figure out your break even.

As you can see, there is a value game in sports betting and its not really that hard to figure it out and use for your own profits.

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