Poker Know How: Does Position Matter?

Actually yes it does. And if you want to come out ahead of the game more often, you will want to take a little bit of time to understand the importance of your position at the table. Now of course this is mostly about the live dealer action at your favorite online casino but it applies equally well to the poker games you play at home with your pals.

Start with a good working definition of position so the rest of this article makes sense. Your position refers to nothing more than a way to represent the number of players that are left to play after you. You can readily see the logic of this. In no uncertain terms, the reality is that the greater the number of players that follow you the higher the probability that at least one of them has a better hand than the one you are holding. To put this another way, the earlier your position is at the table the better your hand needs to be.

To continue this explanation, the position count begins right there with the dealer. Now count counter clockwise from the dealer to the left. Now suppose there are ten players (including the dealer) seated around the table. The way this works out is that by counting around the table you will come up with four position groups.

It starts with the dealer himself and the player immediately to his right. This group is considered to be the two late positions. Next up are the three middle positions. The middle positions are simply the next three players in line. The middle is followed by the three early positions and lastly by what is referred to as the two blind positions.

Now that you understand the concept of how positioning works, you can implement strategies and tactics. You will of course start with clearly identifying your position at the table. Next, depending on where you end up seated around the table, you will adjust your tactics for that position.

All of this being said, this is not to suggest or imply there is one best position. Each and every position can be turned to your advantage. The key is to understand the relative power or weakness of each position and then adjust your game play accordingly.

Bottom line is this: position matters and you owe it to yourself and your gameplay to get up to speed on this topic.

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