Poker Lessons From a Movie?

Are there valuable lessons available to poker players from a new movie? Perhaps so, perhaps this movie will show you some things to look out for and some strategies for keeping yourself one step ahead of the game.

The new film is actually a documentary made by filmmaker Mike Weeks. Weeks is a native of Ohio and states that he originally learned the game of poker from his father. After watching Chris Moneymaker, at the time an amateur poker player, turn a $39 buy in on an online poker game into a $2.5 million first prize, Mike fell in love with online poker games.

What’s in this documentary and should you bother to seek it out? The film is a full length film entitled “Drawing Dead: The Highs and Lows of Online Poker”. In this documentary, there are stories from players such as Michael Korpi and Dusty Schmidt. There are also contributions from Jamie Gold, Lon McEachern and I Nelson Rose.

According to Weeks, the film is an attempt to bring full awareness to online poker. Specifically, Mike wanted to highlight some of the extremes of online poker. Mike reveals that it was his own personal story that led him to the creation of this documentary. He relates that he played online poker to the extreme and ended up on the edge of financial ruin and living in a friend’s attic.

At this time, Weeks reports he is currently seeking wider distribution for the film. The film was first shown in February in Texas and most recently at the Cincinnati Film Festival. In other words, it may or may not be coming soon to a theatre near you. Yet, if you are an avid online poker play, you may want to seek it out, find out where it may be screened in a location close to you. Although most poker players don’t fall to either side of the extremes highlighted in this documentary, it’s always good to see other poker players and how they handle the game. At the end of the day, it really comes down to understanding the swings of the game and understanding yourself as a player. Perhaps this documentary will help bring these lessons home for you.

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